Armored Lexus SUV Limo Suitable for President

Armored Lexus SUV Limo Suitable for President

The world is a dangerous place especially when transporting VIP people around to several places, and driving them in a safe ride becomes of utmost important matter that takes more than just your regular skilled chauffeur to ensure a safe ride.

If searching for a vehicle to help overcome the safety issue then customers get your attention over here and look no further because here comes this used 2014 Lexus LX 570 SUV limo built by Battisti Customs that serves as the best discreet and secure vehicle of the time.

Available for $99,995 at 19,684 miles on, the SUV has a B6+ armoring level by made by International Armoring Corporation, with AK47 and high power rifle defeating capabilities. This limo fits perfect as per the requirement of a professional diplomatic or presidential transport that has its service up to date, just waiting for getting immediately delivered. Financing is available to buyers (as per conditions) and also is covered by a balance of US warranty from Lexus.

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  1. following is the general armor specifications involved in it
    All obscure material encompassing traveler territory is supplanted with solidified ballistic steel
    Security against high-control rifles, for example, M80
    Extra regions of protecting are fuel tank, battery and PC module
    Raise parcel ballistic glass with swing entryway and locking component
    P.A./multi-siren framework and LED strobe lights, per customer’s determinations
    Fortified entryway pivots to bolster extra weight of the defensive layer
    An entire arrangement of four (4) high-review Run-Flat embeds introduced
    Protected planned shielding for firewall and wheel wells

  2. The requirement for protection must never be ignored. Be that as it may, we comprehend buying a reinforced auto can be an extreme transform from your general life. Contingent upon where you live, where you work, or what your employment involves, you may feel more secure with a heavily clad vehicle. In the event that your work or way of life is to such an extent that these precautionary measures do appear to be essential, your first undertaking will make sense of where to begin. Thus for those not yet prepared to put resources into reason assembled defensively covered vehicles, this vehicle gives a decent impression of what has a security alternative.

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